Connecting Phoenix Tears Foundation and Phoenix Tears Wellness

Many of you have been asking what is the connection between the Phoenix Tears Foundation and Phoenix Tears Wellness?

As you all know, the phoenix Tears Foundation was formed in 2010 in order to promote the Healing properties of Cannabis as well as to advocate for laws that will make Cannabis legal and available to those that need it. Since 2010, with the guidance of Janet Sweeney, we have helped over 250,000 individuals by providing more than 30,000 grams of oil. We have operated all of these years by receiving donations of materials to produce our Phoenix Tears oil. Unfortunately, donations have not been enough to support our efforts. We have had to cut back dramatically and have focused our work to helping children.

Approximately 16 months ago, we decided that we had to implement a commercial initiative to support the work the Foundation is doing and to be able to pay our bills. Phoenix Tears Wellness is the retail initiative that we began for the production and distribution of our CBD products. This has allowed us to bring our decades of research to the CBD space where we have developed and continue to develop CBD products that actually work. We have also placed our guarantee on these products to ensure our community that what is on the label is what you are getting when you buy our products.

In addition, we are working with a number of groups in legal medical marijuana states to develop and distribute our official Phoenix Tears THC oil.

We have seen companies taking our name and promoting their products as Phoenix Tears when these companies have no legal right to do so. Our biggest concern has been that we do not know what these companies are selling to our community under the appearance that it is our official product.

Our commercial activities will ensure that you get our official products developed under our strict guidelines.

Also, all of our commercial business will meet at the end of the year and the Board of Directors will vote on funding to be contributed back to the Foundation. With these resources, the Foundation will develop more comprehensive practices in order to utilize these funds in order to continue to help those in need that can not afford the treatment needed to save their lives.

These resources will ensure that the work of the Phoenix Tears Foundation continues for many years to come.

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